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Santisuk and Healing in Thailand

September 25, 2018

First, a big thank you!

Thanks to all of you that donated towards my Thailand trip! A big thank you to those who prayed for me and the team while we were there! This trip would not have been possible without any of you!

Second, Santisuk (Peace)

God did some amazing things while we were in Thailand! One of those things was to bring peace to the people in the churches we ministered in. I love their word for peace (Santisuk), which is why I have used it in my heading for this paragraph. The Thai people, especially those we were ministering amongst, don't have much to live on and are struggling to make ends meet. In Thailand, it is customary of the culture for the team ministering to leave an offering for the pastor of the church where you ministered. In one of the churches we ministered in, we found out after we left the offering that this pastor had not received any compensation from the church in order to pay the bills for the Church, so the offering that we were able to leave will help make ends meet and help him to provide for his family!

Third, Healing

God also brought healing to many people through the prayer and ministry of our team! We saw many physical healings but I believe that God also healed many people emotionally as we prayed and prophesied over them! It was during altar times at the four churches that we ministered, and we had interpreters, so we were able to prophecy and speak life into them through what we heard God speaking to us!

Fourth, Stories

September 12th, 2018, was our first day of ministry. We were ministering in a church named, “The Lamp of Khon Kaen Church". This church, like most of the churches in Thailand, is relatively small but full of young people! Here Kristine shared a message on Santisuk, and we were all able to pray and minister to those in attendance through the altar time.

September 13th, 2018 - This day we had the awesome privilege to go into a junior high/high school and minister alongside a Korean YWAM team! They did a worship dance/drama thing of the likes I had never seen before that really invited the presence of God into the school! We as a team then brought out the games! We brought out marshmallows, which is a treat that many of the children didn't even know of, and the goal of the game was for them to build a tower out of spaghetti noodles, a marshmallow, and a piece of yarn. We saw many great structures! Kristine then gave a lesson on the tower of Babel and working towards God, after which Pastor Ralph gave a Gospel message in Thai, and the pastor of the church in that city lead the students who raised their hands in the sinner's prayer. We then went to the hotel to put our suitcases up and got right back in the van to travel to Chum Phae Church where Kristine taught on Santisuk, and we prayed and prophesied over those that came down for the altar call.

September 14th, 2018 - On this day we had the privilege to go to a pre-k school where we taught the children a song about how God made them to be themselves, and that they are special! We also had fun joining the children in songs that they had motions to, following their lead as we danced along with them on the stage! I'm sure this was a very comical sight, which is why I'm glad I cannot embed videos on this document! It was very fun though! That night we then traveled back to Khon Kaen, and I spoke at the Lamp about healing and hearing God’s voice! We were able to pray for those in attendance that they would receive healing and hear God’s voice!

September 15th, 2018,  was a day of travel and an interesting treat for lunch! We had a four-hour drive through the beautiful scenery of Thailand, and at noon, we stopped at a popular lunch spot for the locals where they serve… wait for it… Duck Butt! I had no idea what to expect when I was told what we were going to have for lunch, but this treat tasted really good and was kind of like a small Chicken wing! We then finished driving to Saraburi where I spoke again on healing and hearing God’s voice amongst a church that we found out later had been through a good amount of emotional pain, so I believe that God used us to bring healing to that pain! Kristine then spoke the next morning at the same church about Santisuk!

September 16th, 2018 - After Kristine's message we traveled closer to Bangkok for a Sunday night service. This service was a gathering of four different churches which brought about 70 people in attendance. This was by far the hardest service ministry wise! The team felt spiritual opposition as soon as we walked in the door. There was definitely a religious spirit that liked the people to believe that they had to work for peace (which is what Buddhism teaches), and that God doesn't speak to them individually! Kristine and I tag-teamed this message. She shared a little bit on Santisuk, and I shared on healing and hearing God’s voice. It was during our messages that we both noticed a young woman sitting on the second row who was very disruptive at two points in the message; the first being when Kristine shared about not having to work for peace that it is a gift from God, and the second being when I was sharing that everyone can hear God’s voice. It was here, at this point, that I felt in my spirit (and it was later confirmed by pastor Ralph) that she was demon possessed and had some things in her past that she wasn't ready to let go of yet. But even amongst this disruption, we were able to minister peace and healing to those in attendance! Unfortunately, the woman who was demon possessed wasn't set free while we were there, but Kristine prayed for her, and you could definitely see that she felt peace for just a little bit! The pastor in this area is going to keep working with her.

September 17th and 18th, we traveled to Bangkok and had some fun fellowship time with the team, Pastor Ralph, and Annie. Pastor Ralph and Annie got to do some things they have been the next day went to the floating markets before we wanting to do for a good while now but were unable to. We ate dinner in downtown Bangkok and then boarded the plane to head home.

Traveling home - We had a six and a half hour flight from Bangkok to Dubai, and on our layover in Dubai, security was very strict! They were searching everyone and going through all of their carryons. When I was being searched, the security guard saw my Bible in my carry on and asked what it was. When I told him, he refused to even touch the bag. It was at this point that I began praying for his soul, and that God would do what He does so well and make a way in his life for him to see the truth, even where there seems to be no way. We then had a 15-hour flight home. Praise God that all of our flights to Thailand and on the way back home from Thailand went perfectly- there were no delays! No issues! God truly had His hand on us the whole way!

Since I've been back - Most of you probably don't know, but I am an extreme introvert! I recharge and get my energy from being by myself. Most of the time this includes just sitting in my room, reading, or playing Xbox. What I have noticed after each of my missions trips though is not only do I miss the people God gave us a chance to minister to, but I also miss those that ministered alongside me! We had the opportunity to minister and have fellowship with each other for 10 days straight! It is these thoughts that make me realize, even more, God’s calling on my life to be a missionary to unreached people groups. Especially people groups that are of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. My heart aches for these people, and my heart longs to see Christ have his inheritance in Southeast Asia, in all of Asia, and in all the Earth!

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