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Southeastern Asia | Summer 2019


Introduction and Thanks

I would first like to start off by thanking all of you that gave towards this trip! I would also like to thank those of you that kept us in your prayers as we were in the country! God did so much in Southeastern Asia and really showed his heart as a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5) and a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24.) I will include some stories of the awesome things that He allowed us to do while we were there as well as some updates on what is going on in my life!

The English Camp at the orphanage.


For the first 3 afternoons of the trip we had the awesome opportunity to run a VBS style English camp at an orphanage. The Orphanage usually has about 250-300 students. We had about 150 during the camp all three days. It was during this time that we taught the children the words and motions to the popular children’s church song Jesus is my superhero and three simple English phrases, which were the themes for each day.

My Team (Winners)

First- Jesus makes me strong, using the story of David and Goliath, Second- Jesus Forgives, I Forgive, using the story of the prodigal son, and third Jesus helps me love, using the story of the good Samaritan. It was during the camp that we had 4 rotations, first- Games (led by me), Second- English lesson, in this rotation we taught them some very basic English concepts, Third- Story time, in this rotation we shared with them the Bible story of the day, and lastly- Body percussion, in this rotation the children learned the basics of making and keeping a beat this also helped them learn some English numbers.

The English Camp

I mentioned earlier that I led the game rotation, this is something that usually isn’t my strength, but when asked to do it I was like, “Sure, why not!” We played many fun games and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves! God worked through me and helped me to do something that didn’t fit into my skill set, in my weakness He showed Himself strong! That’s not to say it was easy by any means! By the third day my voice was almost gone from having to speak loud enough to keep the attention of at least 30 children for 15 min 4 times a day for 3 days! It was also very hot and humid with no AC, but God worked through all that and accomplished exactly what He had sent us there to do! Plant seeds so that when the time comes, He can then bring the increase and eventually bring a harvest! One thing that the worker we were with shared was to always be patient with the harvest! The only thing we can do is plant the seed or “water” a seed that has already been planted or if God gives the wonderful opportunity reap the harvest when that seed has fully matured! It is God’s job to bring the increase! He understands the fullness of time; He knows when time will run out! He also desires that none will perish so we must trust that He will bring that increase even if we don’t see it! I believe God used us to show these children His love as a Father to the fatherless. It was during one of the rotations that the children were asked who loved them: after a few minutes of thinking and pondering the question one child said no one to which all the other children nodded in agreement. The translator had to excuse herself and step out as she choked back tears. Our team member used this time to share with the children with the help of a different translator that Jesus loves them, and we love them.

Story of God’s Protection

The last day of the camp at the orphanage we were heading back to the international church in our bus we had rented for the time in country. It was about 20 minutes into the 2 hour drive back into the city that a truck with a big metal trailer swerved into our lane.The corner of the trailer hit the driver’s side of the bus and caused significant damage to the bus pushing the door in and breaking the windshield! It was a miracle that the bus driver maintained control of the bus and didn’t flip it. It was also a miracle that his legs weren’t crushed and that no one was injured!

International Church

In the city we visited there is an international church that our organization is a covering for, the worker that we were with is also the pastor of this church. We were there one Sunday morning, so another team member and I led the children’s church lesson that morning. We taught on the fact that it is ok to have questions especially questions about God and how to handle those questions when they do come up.

English Camp #2

At the international church there is an English school for students who are in the income bracket where the Government doesn’t pay for their school, but their parents can’t afford to pay for it either. There are about 39 students in this program, so they were broken into groups of three and we did basically the same camp as we did at the orphanage but with a few changes. We had gotten word that the authorities were asking questions about what we did at the orphanage, so we had to then tone down the VBS part of the second camp. To do so we changed the phrases from Jesus forgives, I forgive, and Jesus helps me love to I have the Power to forgive, and I can be a friend. We still used Jesus is my superhero and the bible stories we just didn’t specify where the stories came from. I believe that during this time God allowed us to plant seeds of His love and the love that He shows as a friend who sticks closer than a brother. During this Camp, I was a team leader for the oldest group of children, the orange team. At the beginning of the camp we picked names and the children decided that their team name would be the winners! What a fun name! Their competitive nature paired well with mine! I was thankful for the opportunity to pour into these children individually and exemplify the Love of Christ to them!


As many of you know the country we went to is not a country where the government allows work to be done like we did nor the continued work of those that live in the country and are partnered with our organization. It is out of respect for these groups who are following God’s call on their lives to help reach the people of Southeastern Asia that I ask you not share this newsletter or any of its contents; If you have a friend who would like a copy, please direct them to the website. Please join me in continued prayer not only for the people of Southeastern Asia but also for those working there that God would continue to protect them and continue to use them for His service!

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