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El Amor De Dios En Honduras

Updated: Oct 19, 2019



The Love of God

in Honduras


We had a great time of ministry and fellowship in Honduras! God did so much! For those of you who like numbers, God gave us the opportunity to see about 30 salvations, multiple healings, and 2 people baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Tongues. He also gave us the opportunity to help train 100+ leaders and pray for more than 200 people. I would like to point out that though numbers can be a great way to keep track of what God did on a mission trip or through a certain ministry time, numbers can never show what God totally does on a trip! God does so much behind the scenes that we can't count, that we can't see. Usually, the thought process becomes 'the bigger the number the more successful the trip', but in all actuality, if one person is touched, if one person comes to Christ, if one person feels the power of God, then the trip is successful! One soul getting touched is worth the cost and effort of any trip!

Days of Ministry in Honduras

Tuesday, May 14th - 

On Tuesday we took the morning to go visit a statue that represents the ascension of Jesus as well as a city called the Valley of the Angels. The statue is at a very high place overlooking the city so of Tegucigalpa, so it gave us a great view and position to pray over the city. The valley of Angels was more of a tourist spot that allowed us to get some souvenirs and also build some relationships with the Pastors as we had lunch and fellowshipped with them. 

Traditional Cuisine of Honduras

We went to this traditional Honduran restaurant where we got to sample the traditional cuisine of Honduras (as pictured to the left) which usually consists of pan-fried plantains, rice, avocado, a type of meat whether that be pork, chicken, or sausage, refried beans, and lastly a piece of cheese (not traditional cheese as we would call it by any sense but more like a farmers cheese taste with the consistency of a thick cream cheese). This meal sounds simple, but it was very good, and it is what is served at dinner in most Honduran households. Tuesday night, Pastor Michael spoke on God's powerful love, and many gave their lives to Christ that night! We also prayed that God would give us words of knowledge of what types of healings would be needed in that service. God healed several people of many things including: stomach/intestinal issues, feet/skin infections, and lastly acid reflux! God did many things during this day of food, fellowship, and then ministry.

Wednesday, May 15th -

This day was a travel day. We traveled about 3-4 hours South to a town named Choluteca- this travel was not easy by any means! Not only were the roads very curvy due to having to go around the mountains, but there were also some protests that blocked the entrance to the city, so we sat in the car for about an hour waiting for the protestors to disperse so we could make it to our destination. We weren't in the middle of the protests by any means; we were probably about 10 miles out when the cars started lining up on the road waiting for it to clear.

Motorboat Ride

In the middle of the travel, we went out to an old seaport in Honduras which overlooks the Pacific ocean, and we actually were able to go in a motorboat and take a 30-45 minute ride on the Pacific ocean (pictured to the left). Next, we went straight to an office where we had the opportunity to train about 25 leaders in the subject of hearing the voice of God, and I taught on the subject of why God speaks to us. We then had a few hours to rest and get ready for the night service where Pastor Michael spoke on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which is evidenced by speaking in tongues. The sanctuary was over-full- people were even sitting outside listening to the message! Many were touched, and as I stated earlier, 2 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many were also healed of various ailments! This was a great day of travel and time in God’s presence.

Thursday, May 16th -

This was also another day of travel. We got up in the morning and went about 30 minutes to a village named La Fortunita (meaning the fortunate). In order to get out there, we had to switch cars from our rental van to a 12 passenger van that was better equipped for the very bumpy gravel or rocky roads. It was here that we saw the poverty of the country in full force. Many of the families in this village had little to nothing besides a mud hut which consisted of a bedroom for the whole family (parents and children included) and a living room or main room of sorts. The village had a community kitchen that everyone used. When we pulled up and got out of the van about 45-50 children all came out of a school type building to greet us with hugs! We didn't know as a team that this group of children was going to be there nor that they were going to be waiting on a lesson to be taught. It was when we found out that Pastor Michael asked me to lead the lesson. It was one of those “be ready in season and out of season” moments! I shared the story of Joseph with the children, and how Joseph went through some very hard things even though he did nothing wrong to deserve those bad things, and how though God allowed them, He then turned those things around for Joseph's good! It was during this lesson that there was what we thought at the time to be a very tiny tremor; I didn't feel anything because I was standing up teaching, but the Honduran pastors who were sitting on a concrete stage felt it and stood up very quickly making hand motions. Being used to creative access ministry, I was thinking: Do I need to stop teaching? Are the police coming? What's going on? I was told to keep going, and it wasn’t until later on that we learned there had been a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that took place in the ocean, so we had only felt a small fraction of that power. Before leaving the village, I prayed a blessing over the children, and they presented us with gifts for coming- these children and families who had nothing spent the money to give us all dixie cups full of candy, and a card in the shape of a heart saying 'Thanks for visiting!' Wow!

We then left to head to another little village about 10 minutes down the road, where a group of junior-high kids was waiting on us to share with them, again without foreknowledge of this. Pastor Michael and Pastor Petrice shared some awesome things with them. We then went to leave the village, but the van that we took up there would not start!

Pastor Juan Carlos making a new battery terminal.

Come to find out, the battery terminal came disconnected, and Pastor Juan Carlos (from the Honduras Church) had to make a new one using copper wire and some electrical tape. I have a video if you would like to see how it is done! We then went back to the hotel to return the rental van and head back to Tegucigalpa where Pastor Petrice taught on powerful faith. Many were healed, and many made the decision to follow Christ! Another great day of ministry, travel, and fellowship.

Friday, May 17th - 

We took this morning to rest due to the full days of travel, and then in the afternoon, we went to two cities. In first city we visited a preschool, and Pastor Michael shared with them the story of Noah’s ark, and I shared with them about God’s love for each and every one of them. Pastor Petrice then had the opportunity to speak to the mothers of the children, and many of them made the decision to follow Christ! We then had some coffee and fellowship with the pastor in this city. When we went to the second city, we had the opportunity to speak life and encourage some pastors who were very discouraged. God used us to help encourage and pray for them! It was a great day of ministry and rest.

Saturday, May 18th -

We took this day to disciple the leaders in the Church at Tegucigalpa. There were about 75-80 leaders, and we taught on hearing the voice of God. I taught on Why God speaks to us. It was a great day of discipleship and fellowship.

Sunday, May 19th -

This was our last day of ministry, and Pastor Michael shared on powerful peace to a crowd numbering about 400 people. At the end of the service, we prayed for about 80 people that either needed healing or a deeper feeling of peace in their lives! Many were healed and felt the power of God. It was a great final day of ministry. 

Here's a picture of the pastors and our team.


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