What is pulse? AND HOW CAN I HELP?

Pulse Missions is a missions ministry founded and lead by Chaz Hill, a missionary dedicated to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. Having been on five trips within the past four years in many different parts of the world, Chaz is always ready for his next missions trip, but his financial resources aren't always enough to pave the way. You can partner with Pulse Missions to help spread the Gospel globally by donating and contributing towards upcoming missions trips and stay expenses. Thank you for your help in translating God's love into every language and culture.


When you give contributions to Pulse Missions, your donations go towards helping Chaz Hill reach the allotted amount of funding he needs for each of his missions trips. This includes funding for food, travel, housing, etc. Your contributions are never used for anything outside of his missions, and every contribution, no matter the amount, helps tremendously!


                        for your help in translating god's love into every language and culture.

Thank you

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808 Purdue Drive #1

Waxahachie, TX 75165

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