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Chaz Hill

Chaz Hill is a young man with Kingdom-minded vision.

He and his twin brother learned to serve Jesus through assisting their mother in ministry. As a family, they held conferences for children and teens equipping them to hear God’s voice and to move in the gifts of the Spirit. As a young adult, Chaz continued his ministry to young people by volunteering at Common Ground, an organization that facilitates an after school program for at risk children. Because of his own testimony, Chaz believed then, just as he does now, that children can have powerful encounters with God.


Chaz was just eight years old when God called him to the mission field.  During a prayer meeting at the altar, Chaz received a prophetic word calling him into missions. He then became acutely aware of a heavenly vision as he saw a map of Asia.  Three weeks later, his call into missions was confirmed much the same way. Chaz began to prepare himself for making inroads into Asia through studying business at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and there he signed up for a SAGU sponsored mission’s trip into Northern Asia. However, his plans were temporarily interrupted as he learned through a fluke accident that he had a heart condition in need of immediate treatment. After two surgeries and a year of doctors monitoring his progression, Chaz was healed of both Ventricular Tachycardia and the presence of Premature Ventricular Contractions. 

Not only did he make the trip to Northern Asia, but he also joined a team from his home church, Freedom Fellowship International, on a separate mission’s trip to Thailand. With the awareness of God’s healing touch upon his own life, Chaz was given the opportunity to teach in four Thai churches that God still heals today. Many were touched by the power of God at each place the team visited.


Chaz’s heart for languages and his mind for business is what he sees as his open door into living fulltime in Asia. His focus is to return to South Eastern Asia and set up a consulting firm that aids in translation. 


From his travels into Asian cultures, he understands the need for discipleship in a collective society. It is not easy to make inroads into places where Eastern philosophy is the prevailing mindset, but Chaz has no doubt this is where God has chosen to place him. Through discipling others, Chaz believes that God will use those he influences to teach the people in the villages that Jesus truly is who He says He is and to demonstrate that truth through signs and wonders. 

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On this mission our team will be partnering with local workers to teach English and build relationships with Somali refugees.


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